January 2022

Music Video

Had the priviledge to collaborate with the band Furum Fum Fum for the creation of music video within the Video II course in ESMAD, Porto. I was responsible for the general management and creation of this project, along with study colleagues: concept ideation, production, light, editing, etc
Being so involved in all the process of creating a music video definetly gave me the knowedge, experience and motivation for further projects.

full video

December 2021

Stop Motion

Sound design, photography and editing by me, for a multidisciplinary project, during Erasmus in Porto.

full video

March 2021

Adobe Creative

For this elective, I had an intensive teaching and exploration on several Abode design softwares such as:
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Xd
- Adobe InDesign
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Character Animator
- Adobe Audition
The following video was the final product where different programs and requirements had to be implemented.

full video